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Foxwell State Secondary College is an iPad school. Our school's pedagogy and curriculum is specifically designed with iPad placed as the central learning tool for both students and teachers. Teachers use them as an environment to facilitate deeper engagement in the learning process, access higher order thinking skills and accelerate student-driven learning.




The iPad Program is for all students from Years 7 to 12. All students are expected to have their iPad at school and charged, with enough space to save class work and install apps and books for educational and classroom purposes. In using their iPad, all students must abide by the school's Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.

Requirements and Technical Specifications for 2022​

We recommend the iPad 9th generation with a minimum of 64 GB storage for all families purchasing a new device in preparation for the 2022​ school year.



The following devices are acceptable for students, however, will not run some apps that may be required for curriculum purposes and may not be able to be updated to new operating system releases. 

  • iPad 7th & iPad 8th generation with a minimum of 64 GB storage

The following add-ons are required for all students:

  • Apple Pencil, Logitech Crayon or similar writing stylus
  • Case
  • Keyboard (usually a part of the case)

 Recommended Extras

  • Glass screen protector
  • AppleCare, ​Warranty and/or Accidental Damage Protection 

Please note the following information:

  • The iPad mini does not meet the requirements and specifications for a device at Foxwell State Secondary College. 
  • We do not recommend the purchase of a cellular enabled device. A Wi-Fi only model will reduce the cost of the device significantly without compromising the student's ability co complete school tasks. Students are required to access the internet and resources through the school's Wi-Fi network only while at school. Use of cellular data while at school is in breach of the school's Responsible Behaviour Plan for Students.

Apple provides in store and online support for all Apple products, regardless of where they are purchased. You can find out more information about Apple Support and Apple Care Products at

Foxwell SSC are partnered with Domayne Bundall to provide new students with discounted iPads, cases and Apple Pencils. See below on how to secure your iPad:

Domayne Flyer.png

Apps and textbooks

It is our school's aim to have all text resources accessible on iPad. This includes textbooks, novels, worksheets and written resources.

Information about specifically required apps is included in the school resource list, released in term 4 for the following school year. Most apps will be free, however there may be some that have a small cost.

iPad provides the perfect platform for students to take and store classroom notes, homework, worksheets and study notes. It provides a selection of tools that allow for shading, illustrating, marking up documents and simply recording information. A notetaking app is provided to all students at the commencement of each school year. It is expected that this is where the vast majority of schoolwork will be recorded.



Microsoft Office 365 (including OneDrive, Word, Excel, PowerPoint, One Note)

Students are eligible for Office 365 Education for free, including Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote and OneDrive.

The Office 365 application is browser based and can be used to view and edit documents on student's devices.


OneDrive is a part of the Microsoft Office 365 Suite and provides students a place in the cloud to store, share and sync files. 


Foxwell State Secondary College is committed to ensuring all members of the school community have a safe and enjoyable online experience. Further information in relation to Cybersafety is made available to parents and students throughout the school year in the form of parent information sessions, school newsletters, targeted lessons, parent and student workshops and the school website.

Teachers at Foxwell State Secondary College utilise Apple Classroom to allow them to easily monitor student iPad use while in the classroom environment. Within the Apple Classroom environment teachers can monitor Bluetooth connected iPads, create workgroups, assign and share class activities and track students' progress.

Prior to determining the use of digital resources, teachers conduct a risk assessment in order to inform of any associated risks in relation to student e-safety and privacy. Teachers develop and implement strategies for mitigating such risks.

Tips and advice on what parents and guardians need to know, including online safety basics, good habits, privacy and the hard-to-have conversations is made available by the e-safety commissioner at

We recommend that for maximum security:

  • Password or network key protection is enabled on all home and mobile WiFi networks
  • Privacy and parental restrictions are password protected
  • A passcode is set and not shared with others




Screen Time

There is a lot of new and emerging research available about screen time, and knowing where to look to for advice about what is right for a young person can be challenging. The e-safety commissioner provides useful information for schools and parents alike in determining appropriate screen time. It outlines that the right amount of screen time can depend on a range of factors, including:

  • Age and maturity
  • Content
  • Learning and curriculum needs
  • School and family routine

At Foxwell State Secondary College, we consider a child's screen use in the context of the whole school environment and experience. We use a 7-step process in determining and monitoring screen time for our students:

    1. Being involved in student's screen experience
    2. Working with student's to set appropriate expectations
    3. Developing and implementing appropriate boundaries
    4. Setting device free zones and times at school
    5. Encouraging a balance of screen time with other activities
    6. Using e-learning tools to help monitor and manage access
    7. Leading by example in assisting students to develop positive digital mindsets.

iPad Partnerships

Foxwell State Secondary College has partnerships with both Apple Education and School Locker for students' families to purchase their school technology.

Visit Apple Education's website and School Locker's school portal (links below) for more information.

Apple Education Link
School Locker Portal

Each year Apple Education host an Apple Information Evening for our families. Please contact us for further details.

iPad Support

Setting up your iPad:

Updating your iPad to the latest Operating System:

Backing up and restoring your iPad:

Creating an Apple ID without a payment method:

Redeeming App Store & iTunes Gift Cards:

Downloading apps and games using the App Store:

Using parental controls on your child's iPad:

Setting up Find My iPhone on all devices: 

Setting up and using Family Sharing:  

Connecting to WiFi:


Last reviewed 04 February 2022
Last updated 04 February 2022