​​​​Please note, due to current circumstances, Foxwell State Secondary College's students' participation in our extra-curricular activity is governed by Department of Education guidelines.

Dance Troupe

Students have the opportunity to participate in the Foxwell State Secondary College Dance Troupe. In this program students extend their performance skills by competing against other Gold Coast and Brisbane based schools in the Gold Coast Eisteddfod. Dance Troupe is an extra-curricular program for students who are passionate about dance and performance. Students will train in a range of different genres. 

Students wishing to participate in Dance Troupe are required to take part in the audition process to secure a position in the performance team. Auditions are held in Term 1, Week 10. Successful students will work together in rehearsal once a week.

Scheduled Activity 
  • Term 2 and 3
  • Competition: August
  • $40.00 includes entrance fee, costume and performer ticket

Debating and Public Speaking

The Foxwell State Secondary College debating program fosters self-confidence and requires participants to listen to others and to comprehend the validity of others' points of view. It is a team activity and encourages awareness of social and cultural issues including the environment, politics, ethics and social aspects of the world. Students will learn how to talk confidently, work collaboratively and think differently and responsively. Students in this program will have the opportunity to compete in the Gold Coast Debating competition as well as other Public Speaking competitions. 

Scheduled Activity
  • Year round
  • Competition: selected Wednesday Nights throughout the year

  • Competition dependent 

Musical 2022

​Audition ​Dance​

Matilda Audition Video

Audition Scripts

​Bruce, Trunchbull, Honey

Matilda & Miss Honey

Miss Honey & Matilda

Mrs Phelps ​Escapologist ​& Matilda

Playground, Nigel, Lavender & Big Kids

Wormwoods Audition​

Audition Songs

​​Matilda Naughty Lyrics

Naughty Backing Track

Trunchbull's Hammer Song

Trunchbull's The Hammer Lyrics

When I Grow Up Song

When I Grow Up Lyrics​

Musical at Foxwell State Secondary College is an opportunity for teamwork, perseverance and creativity. Students will extend on their passion and love of performing through musical theatre whilst continuing to develop their skills of performance. In 2022, our musical is “Matilda Jnr"; the magnificent story of a little girl who learnt that she could accomplish anything she put her mind to. This fun, storybook style performance will be a wonderful experience for any student willing to step onto the stage.

Students will need to attend rehearsals each week and commit to these times through a signed contract. Please note, some of these will be later finishes due to technical dress rehearsals. It is expected that all students represent Foxwell SSC by upholding the SPIRIT values in and out of the classroom. Our night time performance dates are Thursday 2nd June and Friday 3rd June 2022.

For the auditions, each student will be required to sing individually and perform the choreographed dance section in small groups. If students wish to audition for a lead role, they will be required to sing that character's specific song and perform acting sections of the script.

If your student is interested in auditioning, please read the attached materials. At this stage, auditions will be held after school on Thursday 2ndDecember from 3.30-4.30pm in the Sports Hall. If you have any further questions, please contact Head of Arts Department Mrs Cara McLennan.

Drama Festival

The Gold Coast Secondary Schools Drama Festival is a friendly competition that fosters excellence in the dramatic arts. It is a fantastic opportunity for drama and theatre loving students who want to work collaboratively with others, learn about performance and extend their creativity in the dramatic arts. Students from state, independent and private schools come together in Term 2 to compete in age sections of Junior (year 7 & 8), Intermediate (year 9 & 10) and Seniors (year 11 & 12). In this program, students will learn how to perform a full length play between 20 - 30 minutes in length. 

Students wishing to participate in Drama Festival are required to take part in the audition process to secure a position in the performance team. Auditions are held in Term 1, Week 3. Successful students will work together in rehearsal once a week. 

Scheduled Activity
  • Term 1 and 2
  • Monday 3.00pm - 5.00pm
  • Competition: 21st - 23rd May
  • Additional rehearsals may be added during term 2
  • $25.00 includes costume, props, performance rights and entry fee

Last reviewed 23 November 2021
Last updated 23 November 2021